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"Solar as a Service"
The Easy, No Cost/ No Investment Way To Go Solar In Illinois, If You Qualify:  

Average savings: 30%-60% with no loan or investment from you!
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Sunrun's CEO, Lynn Jurich 
If you could have locked your self into gas prices at $1.50, you would have done that, right?  Same Idea...
  • Time Sensitive: Only available to the first 5% of residential homeowners who have ComEd.
  • Quality: #1 residential solar company in the US (250,000+ installs).  Leading workmanship warranties in the industry
  • No Cost: Cut your electric bill 30-60% WITHOUT any investment from YOU!  (solar as a service)
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No loans, No Investments what so ever!  Learn how to go solar at no cost through, Sunrun!

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Sunrun Has Already Installed Over 3,200 of Your Neighbors and Now Over 1/4 Million Nationwide!
State Mandated Solar: ComEd is under state mandate to use 25% renewable energy over the next few years. The state incentives will be given to the first 5% of homeowners (who qualify) to go solar at no cost to the homeowner. Average savings of 30%-60% with no investment/loan from you. Reach out to see if you are eligible.
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National Average: 
Rate Hikes
In the last 10 years, National electric utility prices have jumped over 30%. 

According to Crains: Chicago Business, the rate hikes from ComEd have just begun (14% last year alone). They say we can expect annual increases of 8-12%...

You pay your utility every month, and don't receive anything TANGIBLE in return, except for having the lights on. Instead of renting your power from the utility you can go solar for $0 down. This goes for our "no investment programs" and our ownership programs as well! STOP burning your money, and throwing it out the window every month. Take the next necessary steps to educate your self on these incentives and how Illinois has some of the best solar programs in the Nation currently.  
Illinois Incentives
  •  SREC: This is a state incentive that gives you money for the renewable energy you produce. Only a few states have this, so we are definitely lucky! An SREC is a credit you can earn from your state for energy produced by your home solar system.
  •  30% Tax Credit: This is a tax credit that you receive on the following years taxes. This will be the last year (2019) to use the full credit, as it will be lowering. 
  •  Net Metering: This allows you to store excess energy with-in the utility grid. When you over produce, you store those credits in the grid. Your new meter will run in reverse, storing those credits like a piggy bank for later use (nighttime, winter etc).  
Meet your Local, Sunrun Energy Consultant, Jamie Wright.
Jamie Wright, Solar Energy Expert for Sunrun with 4+ years in the industry. Dedicated to educating people on the new solar options and incentives that are ready to be claimed!  It’s the first time homeowners have a choice to pay less for their electricity with our NO COST, "Solar as a Service" program. You simply pay less for your electricity while using clean energy from your rooftop. We install, monitor, warranty and permit the system and even warranty your roof.  

Since the electricity comes from your rooftop, we get rid of all delivery charges and you then buy your power at a lower kWh rate than you pay currently!  I am so fortunate to have a job, based on facts, which has NO investment options, saves homeowners money on a bill they’re never going to cancel, while adding value to their home and doing a great thing for the environment.  I'm here to answer any questions, Chicagoland!
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Sunrun offers multiple ways to go solar.  Cash & Loans and our proprietary "Solar as a Service" (no investment option).
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